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How To Use Facebook Messenger App

On Facebook?  We’ve made it super easy to share the event with your friends using Facebook messenger.  Just visit: http://wtfsnf.com/go/fbshare

The link or QR code will open Facebook messenger and you will be able share info about the BBQ, Walk or Run by simply tapping a button and choosing your friends.  Both you and your friends can instantly learn more about the events.

Give it a try.  It’s fun and easy.  We need Facebook users to help spread the word.  There’s a great video that will introduce them to the event.


First, this year’s Walk/Run event is at Holmes Lake.  It’s free for kids 18 and under making it a fun free summer get together.  Most of us know people who live near Holmes Lake.  We often know parishioners who attend St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Micheal, St. John and Cathederal parishes that are close to Holmes Lake.  They just need to know about it and receive a personal recommendation from a friend.  Can you let them know?

Second, we are called to evangelize.  This is a simple way to evangelize by inviting both Catholics and non-Catholics to a fun public event.  Everyone can eat, walk or run to support children with special needs.  It’s also a great way to see Catholics actively showing their charity and love for families of children with special needs.  Who do you know that you can invite?

We live in an age with powerful tools to help evangelize and lead people to Christ.  The majority of people now have a smart phone with the Facebook app.  Please take a moment today and help by inviting people you know to be a Witness Through Fitness.  Registration deadline is June 17th.

Have questions?  Need help?  Email brian@wtfsnf.com


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