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What are Witness Through Fitness Teams?

Teams are a great reason to get together, socialize and have fun at a walk, run or BBQ event.  Feel great knowing you’re supporting children and families with special needs.  Start your own team today for workplace, school, church, business, fitness group or personal group.

Search for existing teams using the button below.  We have created teams for all Lincoln Catholic Churches.

Who Should Consider Forming A Team?

Anyone may for a team as long as they believe they can get at least five other people to participate.

  • Collegiate – Greek, Alumni or College affiliated groups
  • Community – Local spiritual wellness groups
  • Fitness – Track/Field Clubs, Gyms & Intramural Teams
  • Healthcare – Assisted Living and Healthcare Professionals
  • K-12 Schools – Classroom of Afterschool Educational Groups
  • Personal – Groups between friends & family
  • Workplace – Coworkers/Office Groups
  • Business Sponsors – Businesses can encourage their staff and customers
  • Other –  Anything not defined

Why Start A Team?

  • Feel great supporting the cause
  • Get some exercise
  • Socialize with friends/co-workers
  • Meet new people
  • Fun experience

What Are The Benefits of Forming A Team?

  • Fun team building experience
  • Great employee wellness initative
  • Team logo on t-shirts when 5 or more purchase a shirt on your team
  • Gianna Java and Gelato Gift Certifcate Drawing.
    • Each event ticket purchased online will be entered into a drawing.
    • The first team drawn wins $50 worth, the second team $30 and third team $20.
    • Use the gift card to celebrate as a team or use gift cards you win to have your own team drawing

Workplace Ideas

Witness Through Fitness is a great event to bring co-workers together.  Ask your human resources or wellness coordinator to promote it to all employees.

Employers may also want to consider purchasing t-shirts for employees.  With a minimum order of 5 t-shirts, each t-shirt will have the employer’s logo printed on the shirt sleeve.

In addition, miles logged can count towards the NE150 Challenge.  It’s a statewide program that encourages health and fitness.  Hundreds of groups and thousands of Nebraskans already participate.  Learn more at

How Do I Start A Group?

  1. Simply register and answer a couple quick questions.
  2. We will review and approve your team page typically within 24-48 hours.
  3. We will provide you with a special team link and a flyer for promotion that you can print our email.

Register Your Team

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