Yahir Benitez

Yahir Benitez was born feet first, lacking oxygen and has cerebral paralysis. He has had 17 surgeries and another round of surgeries is planned for this summer.  Yahir is in 6th grade at NAM School and attends the Cristo Rey Parish.

This is the story of 13 year old Yahir Benitez. Here with him parents Jesus and Elsa Benitez, and brothers Ruben, Christian, and Brandon Benitez. Yahir was born on June 26th, 2001, in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. Yahir was born and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, due to the fact when Elsa was in labor, Yahir was not in the correct position. She was not programed to have a c-section so it made the situation more complicated and it was mandatory to have a natural birth.

When Elsa arrived to the hospital, his little foot was already making its way out, oxygen was absent, and during delivery, doctors battered his legs but still accomplished to be born. The doctors used to announce to his parents that he wouldn’t survive and that if he did survive, he wouldn’t be living like a normal kid. They described he wouldn’t be able to speak or walk. After receiving these news, Jesus and Elsa believe that God was powerful and blessing.

After days of Yahir being in the hospital very ill and lots of clinic appointments, his parents decided to bring him from Mexico to the United States when he was one year and eight months old to seek for better assistance because of the corrupt doctors in Mexico.

After years of his parents hard work to help the family, they then found a very helpful hospital named Shriners Hopsital for Children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have worked with the family for the last eight years. In August 2012, was the big day Yahir received eighteen surgeries on his legs and knees at The Shriners Hospital in Minnesota, and over the time was being observed, he was in a wheelchair and casts for the first four months. He then began to learn how to walk again and used a walker for a short amount of time and later used his crutches.

He is seeing doctors at Shriners still, and plans to make his next trip up to Minnesota in August for a check-up and for results of Gate lab testing on May nineteenth. The whole family is really thankful for always being treated well and getting all the help they need ever since they moved from Mexico. They feel really blessed for all the help this country has given them and the hospitals. they also would like to thank North American Martyrs school for the help and the way they have treated Yahir. He has become such a better person and loves attending this school and helped him become a lot closer to God. The family would like to give all their thanks to everyone who is here to support Yahir.


Eat, Walk or Run to help support Yahir Benitez and his family at the 2014 Witness Through Fitness BBQ, Walk and 5K event!

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